Ragtime est parmi les œuvres les plus lucides, profondes et ponctuées d’humour qui soient.

Ragtime is one of the most lucid, profound and amusing works ever written.
- Simon Le Bœuf


[…] ce pot-pourri de pensées, poèmes et réflexions se lit avec délice !
On passe du grave à l’humour mais, toujours, la vie prime et le philosophe demeure.

- Maryse Mazevet


Il y a justesse de l’observation [dans Ragtime], et plus encore cette vérité si proche des choses et des êtres qui s’en dégage.

- Bernard Muenier


[Ragtime is] part Lord Chesterfield, part Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet, part Ben Franklin, part Ann Landers,
part Emily Post manners, part St. Augustine, part Catechism, part Bartlett’s Quotations – among other works […].

- Pamela Rasso


[The] incredible poetic oeuvre of Roger Dickinson-Brown, the unknown poet laureate of our age […]is a defiant rejection
of the imponderable threats to certainty posed by modern science […], a choice […] to interpret experience of the world
in all its intimacy, pride, sensualism, domesticity, ambition, cosmology and sordidness.
The mindset of Ordinary People […] is captured with elegant sophistication in the poetry of Roger Dickinson-Brown [,…],
[their] supreme poet spokesperson.

- from the Preface to the Collected Poems of Roger Dickinson-Brown,
by William Byron Webster, Ph.D.

Roger Dickinson-Brown is an American poet who has lived in France for most of his life. In the 1970s, he published poems in The Southern Review, World Order and elsewhere, as well as art, restaurant and literary criticism, essays and reviews, broadcasting regularly on WONO-FM in New York. He no longer publishes work in magazines.

His commercial books are copyrighted (Lire la presse en anglais, Editions Alistair, 1999, and Ecrire en anglais, Editions Alistair, 2004 – both written with Guy de Dampierre). The books of poems, aphorisms and short stories presented here may be reproduced without restriction.

Nine Pages of Selections

The Dilapidated Heart, Poems 1965-2003, Crépy-en-Valois, 2004 (poems in English, and a few in French).

Three French Mystery Stories, La Croix Saint-Ouen, 2005.

Notes pour mes petits-enfants / Notes for My Grandchildren, La Croix Saint-Ouen, 2008 (bilingual prose original, French and English).

PDF file Bread and Wine, Poems 1988-2009 (poems in English, and a few in French).

Catullus & Martial: Translations and Imitations, 2012 (Second edition) (Latin into English and French).

Ragtime, La Croix Saint-Ouen, 2012 (Second edition) (bilingual prose original, French and English).

La Voiture rouge, 2012.

Better English Than Yours, A Little Guide to Good English and All That, 2013.


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